The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno

The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno

Jun 26, 2008

"Stuff is not passive. Stuff wants your time, attention, allegiance. But you know it as well as I do, life is more important than the things we accumulate."

Tired of feeling like his belongings were taking over his life, blogger Dave Bruno decided to take on one hefty challenge: pare his personal items down to a mere 100 things. His valiant fight against consumerism began last summer and has a completion deadline of November 2008. Once he reaches his goal, he will live with only his 100 items for a full year.

So far, he's down to 111. Jump down to see how he's making it happen...

The first thing we would add to our list is our bed. After checking into Dave's process, we realized he's making allowances. He does have a family (a wife and children who are not participating) so all communal items, like furniture and groceries, aren't in the count. Personal memorabilia, such as a Bible which has survived generations, isn't counted either but it will be stored away for a year. Grouped items, like underwear and socks, are counted only once, as a category. But all other clothing (think Dress Shirt #1, Dress Shirt #2, etc.) stand on their own. Visit his blog to see his ever-changing list of essentials.

This is Dave's personal (and unbelievable) journey so he has the exclusive right to make and break the rules. To his surprise, however, his little idea caught on big-time and now he's got a mass of people clamoring to take the 100 Thing Challenge.

Think you could do it? Tell us here what might go on your list and, if you're really serious, check out the 100 Thing Challenge Facebook group to get started.

Top photo: Jeff Werner
Bottom photo: Manhattan Clean Line

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