16 Abandoned & Decaying Hotels From Around The World

16 Abandoned & Decaying Hotels From Around The World

Gregory Han
Apr 28, 2008

We're mostly homebodies, but in the coming next weeks we'll find ourselves driving north up to San Francisco to visit family, then soon after flying across to New York for ICFF and to see the whole national AT team together, then finally, during the summer hopefully choo-chooing up yonder north to the Pacific Northwest up into Canada for some R&R (unless we fall back onto European vacation plans, Griswalds style). Hopefully we'll stay at some decent accommodations while traveling; we've stayed at our fair share of iffy "home away from homes" throughout the year, but not nearly as interesting as some of these decaying architectural wonders from around the world....

[via ProTraveller]

Around the world stand empty hotels that symbolise the loss of prosperity and the death of dreams. Lavish resorts and small hotels which were once filled with life and activity are now abandoned and filled only with decay. Expensive hotels that began to be erected in areas of the world where development was anticipated now remain half-built in areas of the world where tourists rarely go. Abandoned hotels range from decrepit to like-new and exist everywhere from remote parts of the globe to modern urban cities. Following are some of the most interesting of those spots that serve as reminders that even the best laid plans don't always work out over time. - ProTraveller
My favourite is the three thousand rooms of the Ryugyong Hotel, in Pyongyang, North Korea. Dubbed 'The Worst Building in the History of Mankind' and never opened, it's a glowing example of everything that can go wrong in erecting a megalopolis structure without proper funding.

Too bad they tore down The Ambassador Hotel formerly located in KoreaTown. It would have certainly been qualified to be included on this list.

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