3 Indispensable Pieces for Small Space Living

3 Indispensable Pieces for Small Space Living

Nancy Mitchell
Sep 23, 2017
Stacking stools in a home from Nuevo Estilo. (Alvar Aalto's original design, the stool 60, had three legs; the stool e60, and many many other knockoffs, have four.)
(Image credit: Nuevo Estilo)

There are plenty of lists out there of great products for small spaces, and indispensable things for living little, but for this particular post, I've gone beyond the purely academic and relied only on my own experience. Here are three things I have in my tiny studio apartment that I use regularly, that continually make my life easier, and that, I hope, might do the same for you.

A set of stacking stools

I first bought a set of four of these for a dinner party I had, because I needed a way to seat a lot of people with something that wouldn't take up a ton of space once the dinner party was over. Since then, I've discovered how amazingly useful these things are: as seating, yes, but also as little side tables which can be moved about to wherever you need an extra spot for a drink, a plate, a plant, or a book. And when you're not using them, you can stack them up in a corner, where they will take up almost no space at all. The above image features stacking stools in a home from Nuevo Estilo. Alvar Aalto's original design, the stool 60, had three legs; the stool e60, and many other replicas, have four.

(Image credit: Bo Bedre)
(Image credit: Bo Bedre)

A table with wheels

Honestly, I kind of wish all my furniture had wheels (like the incredibly versatile dining table above from Bo Bodre), so I could re-arrange it according to my whim every morning. But having a table (okay, it's an IKEA tabletop with IKEA legs, very humble) with wheels is a nice start. Most of the time it's a desk, but when I need it to be something more, I roll it out to the middle of the apartment, pair it with the aforementioned stools, and it's a lovely dining table. See more of the above space: 4 Rooms in One: A Tiny Transforming Small Space.

(Image credit: Cosmopolitan)

Adhesive hooks

I would hang every single thing in my apartment on the wall if I could (every single thing that was not already on wheels). I think wall hooks are one of the best inventions in the world, and Command hooks are even better because you can put them practically anywhere. I'm fond of sticking them inside cabinets where they are perfect for hanging things that would normally be found laying aimlessly on the floor of the cabinet (like the hair styling tools above spotted on Cosmopolitan), which makes me feel like my cabinets are 20-percent bigger, and I am some kind of organizational genius.

Re-edited from a post that originally appeared 11.6.16. — AH

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