5 Places To Put A Desk

5 Places To Put A Desk

Beth Zeigler
Oct 29, 2008


We've been obsessed with our desk recently (or rather placement of where it goes in our bedroom). We would like to rearrange our room to better suit our needs but can't seem to figure it out just yet. Because we can't figure out our bedroom/desk combo we started fantasizing where else our "office" might live. Here are five places we thought of after the jump.

  • Our desk is currently in the corner of our bedroom but we've always loved the look of a desk at the foot of a bed. A glass table top on legs would give a sense of grandeur to a bedroom that we really like.

  • You could also place a desk behind the couch of a living room. We've always liked the idea of being in the mix of it all and the living room is perfect for that vibe.

  • A desk placed in your kitchen (or utilizing the kitchen table) is another place to get your work done. Plus, one of the first places we head to when we get home is the kitchen. Your first stop could be dropping off your mail to your inbox and setting down all of your important papers at your desk station.

  • We also love the coziness of a nook or small area. A closet underneath the stairs or a little corner nook in your house would be the perfect place for your desk to call home.

  • You might also want to consider a lap desk or tray stocked with a few essential items you'll need while you're working. A wireless printer would take care of all your printing needs so you are free to roam.

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