5 Things That Keep Us At Home Even When Our Friends Beg Us To Come Out

5 Things That Keep Us At Home Even When Our Friends Beg Us To Come Out

Beth Zeigler
Oct 24, 2008

We've all been there. An evite, invite or phone call last minute asking us to go out for drinks, dinner or a party. We would say, 99% of the time we go out and enjoy ourselves. We often feel like we'll be missing out on something if we don't go. But on rare occasions, there are reasons we want to stay put and not venture out our front door...

Of those times when we did stay in, we usually had a majority of the following...

  • A stocked pantry Even if we can't cook, something easy to pop in the microwave or oven always made it much easier to stay at home than going out. A box of brownies or blueberry muffins would make it impossible for us to leave the house.
  • Movies Netflix, borrowing DVDs from the neighbors or reminding ourselves how much we really really love The Way We Were is always a cozy (and teary-eyed night in).
  • Rain We know, we know, we can't really control when it rains but we do have a large stack of thunderstorm and rain CDs from our initial move out to sunny LA. When we realized there were no thunderstorms to be had, we downloaded a few rainy nights from the web. And you can bet when it is raining, we are definitely under the covers, laptop in hand, catching up on whatever television series we happen to be watching at the moment.
  • Cleaning Again, we know—cleaning? But there's something about catching up on all our housework on a Friday evening while listening to our favorite records. When we're done we like pour a big glass of our favorite red wine and look around at all we've accomplished. Plus you have the entire weekend to enjoy your job well done.
  • A Good Book Lately, we've been reading our biggest guilty pleasure to date—the Twilight Series. We're on book three (Eclipse) and you can bet we aren't going anywhere this weekend.

    What keeps you at home (even when your friends beg you to come out?)

    (Image from Eric and Christine's House Tour)

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