10 Ways to Give Away Things for Free

10 Ways to Give Away Things for Free

Trent Johnson
Sep 18, 2008

By this point we've all hear of FreeCycle, the free section of Craigslist and even controversial "leave it on the curb"-cycling. Here are a few others ideas in case you're stuck!

So besides Freecycle, Craigslist & "curbcycling", here are a few other ideas:

1. Donate to a thrift store: Some even pickup! Salvation Army, Goodwill.
2. Host a Swap Party
3. Books & sometimes magazines: Take them to your local library
4. In my town, we have a "weekly really free market". Not only can you bring anything you'd like to unload, but you can also get things free in return: "From birdhouses to burritos, not only could you pick from countless items ranging from clothing, to furniture, to books, and everything in between, you could even get a haircut if you wanted one, learn how to build a bluebird house or print a t-shirt, and even get a massage, all for free."
5. Paper & office supplies: Your local school would most likely gladly accept donation. Give them a call to find out! Locally, we have an organization called Crayons2Calculators that does just that, collects donations and contributions for local school teachers.
6. Writing Implements: I Love Schools.com allows teachers to make a list of what they need for their classrooms.
7. Plan a yard sale: If you have a bunch of things to unload, host a garage sale (not giving away, but depending on your prices, an argument could be made).
8. Electronics: MyGreenElectronics provides local listings for recyclers of electronics. Organizations such as Freegeek, based out of Portland that take computers & monitors (they charge for these) and retrofit them for organizations in need.
9. Old Shoes: Donate good condition shoes to needy athletes throughout the US (www.oneworldrunning.com). For shoes that are passed their prime, Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe program will turn sneakers of any brand into courts for various sports throughout the world. You can also drop them off at any Nike store, or mail them directly.
9. Recreational Equipment: In addition to Goodwill, Sportsgifts.com gives gently used equipment to needy kids around the world.
10. Old Video Tapes, Cassettes and Floppy Disks: ACT Recycling employs disabled people to clean, erase and resell videotapes. For cassettes and floppy disks, try www.greendisk.com.

Got any other ideas? Let us know!

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