Accepting A Messy Entryway

Accepting A Messy Entryway

Grace Shu
Jul 22, 2008

Once upon a time, we stressed about keeping our entryway immaculate: shoes away, keys organized, no junk mail or mailers littering the console...These days, we've become much more realistic about what we can and can't expect from our less-than-perfect selves. Thanks to a lot of helpful tips from all of you readers as well as some suggestions from inspirational magazines, we've developed a loose "system" to at least keep the mess at bay during our off days...

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Above all, we've learned to just accept a certain degree of messiness. There will be multiple stacks. Probably some dust that we'll tackle over the weekend. And inevitably, there will be a pile shoes that we've kicked off in our haste to get comfortable after a work day. With that in mind, the first part of our system is to designate areas of where everything goes: the shoes are at least lined up by the door (until they eventually get put back in the closet), the junk mail gets stacked at the edge of the console nearest the kitchen (where the recycling bin is), and the bills get their own special stack near the office.

Another strategy we've employed is limiting our options. The more space we have, the more the clutter piles up. For example, we once added four baskets to put in our bookshelf / console table. After a week of being organized about its contents, it gradually melted down into glorified junk drawers. Since getting rid of them, we've become much more meticulous about editing what actually stays because it's now in full view.

The last bit to our casual system is sticking to the plan of "I'll deal with it on Sunday..." Even though we drag our feet about it occasionally, having a clean house before the week starts really does help our state of mind. (It's kind of the same with our work habits--before we start a huge project, we'll spend an hour just cleaning our desk. Well, we say it's a work habit, but some might consider it procrastinating...)

Got any tips on how to control the daily clutter? Have you had to reconcile with not having the "perfectly done" home?

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