Artisan Glassware From Terra Keramik

Artisan Glassware From Terra Keramik

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 20, 2008

Last time we caught up with Terra Keramik we showed you their line of brightly colored ceramics (which we still love!). This time, the Terra Keramik name now includes works from the Glasi Hergiswil artisans. A group of Glass blowers who are making 100% lead free, eco-friendly and handmade products that could find a home on your table in the near future. Click through the jump to take quick peek inside their Swiss Alps Studio.

Terra Keramik and Glasi Hergiswil are passionate about managing their business in a manner that is environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable. They believe it's good business and so do we.

In 1975, Glasi Hergiswil was almost forced to close because of competition from cheap, machine-made glass products manufactured abroad and imported into Switzerland.

The manufacturing of glass is dependent on large energy consumption. Glasi reduces its environmental impact by:
  • Operating its glass factory 365 days per year (2 shifts from 5 am to 9 pm), which optimizes the use of energy compared to ramping up and shutting down the kiln and other facilities.
  • Recovering hot air emitted from the furnace and re-circulating this hot air back into the furnace.
  • Using hot air recovered from within the chimney to heat all Glasi buildings and its water supply.
  • Operating a filtering system that collects dust particles and purifies the air. Recovered dust is recycled and injected into the glass mixture.
  • Glasi believes that the addition of lead is not required to achieve qualitatively superior glass, and since at least 1975 works exclusively with lead-free glass. This protects both the artisans who work with the glass as well as consumers who use it in their daily life.
    Because lead is poisonous, glassmakers who work with lead glass are exposed to the risks of lead poisoning. During the processing of lead glass, poisonous vapors are created and in the grinding shop, the lead dust can enter a worker's respiratory tracts, including the lungs which is why they are proud to be lead free. The Glasi Hergiswil collection from Terra Keramik is not only eco-friendly but beautiful as well. Each piece is one that will last as long as the care that it receives.

    Links: Terra Keramik, Glasi Hergiswil, Terra Keramik's Environmental Policies

    (All photos via Terra Keramik.)

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