At On: Floor to Ceiling Windows

At On: Floor to Ceiling Windows

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 28, 2008

My husband and I are moving into a downtown loft in the heart of Kansas City. While hunting one space we admired was this loft and it's amazing floor to ceiling windows. It's a super great place, the only downfall is it looks at the IRS headquarters; which going into tax season means someone will always be staring back at us, no matter what time of day. The previous tenant had a heavy curtain to block out peeping eyes, but we can't decide what we would do with the window. Weigh in with your answer and then click through for our thoughts on things.

Because each length has it's pro's and con's it's keeping us on the fence about things.

We like the full length since it will cover views to the downstairs and upstairs lofted area both; making the run from the bathroom to your bed when you forgot your robe an easy one. Although, we're worried that it will make the space feel heavy or closed in.
We like the mid length because it would still allow light into the space without being on display all the time but we feel like it cuts the height in half, which is what makes both levels feel tied together.
And last but not least, we like no curtain because the windows really do make the space. Because there's such a great view to the street level below and all that's going on, we partially feel there's no reason to hide from it. Aside from the IRS building, there really won't be any onlookers, but we would still feel weird walking around without pants.

Have you ever had a window that's taller than 20 feet? Leave us a comment below!

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