AT On: Housepets and Homelife

AT On: Housepets and Homelife

Sarah Coffey
Sep 8, 2008

Having a pet can completely change the way you see your home, as we've learned from our new dog Otto. Since he's been with us, we've had to adjust our habits, and most of those adjustments have surprisingly had a positive affect on our home...

  • We're cleaning more frequently now that we have a dog. We used to make one big sweep over our apartment, but with our new 72 lb friend in the house, we're cleaning in small, steady bursts and our apartment is actually cleaner than it was pre-pet.
  • We're waking up earlier to let the dog out. This is a mixed blessing. We're getting more done, but we really miss sleeping in on the weekends.
  • We're cooking at home more. Since we don't want to leave our dog at home alone too much, we've been eating at home, saving money, and eating better.
  • We're getting to know our neighbors better. When you're walking a dog, people are a lot more likely to come up and talk to you.
  • We're having more fun at home. Watching TV and working on the laptop are a lot more enjoyable when you've got a pet to play with.

How has your dog, cat, bird, ferret, or any other pet changed your homelife?

Photo: Morguefile

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