AT Store Review Policy

AT Store Review Policy

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 16, 2008

Dear home store and service retailers,

Congratulations on being reviewed and welcome!

Here at Apartment Therapy, we are devoted to helping readers improve their homes by connecting them to stores, products, ideas and inspiration (read about our mission here).

Now that you are in our archive, and readers have had a chance to comment, we want you to know how we work: we review stores and services that our editors and readers recommend. That means we don't aim to review EVERYONE, and we avoid reviewing stores and services that we can't recommend. It's just not worth our time.

We do take suggestions all the time, and you are welcome to email us and tell us about your store. If we find it interesting and helpful, we'll put it into our review queue and post it.

We've come up with this simple list of guidelines for business owners. We also hope that you'll keep us posted on what works best.

First the DO's:

1. DO read your entire post and check up on it every few months.
2. DO contact us if any factual information included in our review is wrong. We like to keep up to date.
3. DO feel free to comment and address any concerns or respond to praise that either the editor or other commentors have written about your store. You are a part of our community too.
4. DO feel free to ask your customers to read your post and make their own comments about your store or service.
5. DO take the feedback to heart but remember that each review is just one single opinion.
6. DO direct our attention to any comments that are spam or are hateful, hurtful or violent in any way. While we protect the right of our readers to express their opinion, we don't condone or support anti-social language that cuts against the mission of our sites.
7. DO let us know if you have any upcoming sales that we can publish in our Thursday Sales Calendar.

Now the DON'Ts:

1. DON'T ask us to take your post down. We don't do that.
2. DON'T ask us to remove any comments. We don't remove comments unless expressly asked by the person who wrote the comment. The only exception to this is in #6 above.
3. DON'T lash out at the people who have written negative reviews about you. Tempting as that may be, we see that backfiring in some cases as our community may up the ante and even engage in "vigilante justice" by spreading more negativity. Try to remember, "the customer is always right".
4. DON'T offer incentives or payment for your customers to write positive reviews about your business. This sort of "shilling" often causes ill will with both current and potential customers.
5. DON'T overestimate the impact of a single negative review. It happens to even the best businesses. That said, if you see a trend of negative reviews, you may want to take this feedback and determine if there is a way to improve your business.

Thanks for being a part of our community helping people solve problems. If you want to get in touch with us for any reason, email us through the form below.


Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

Apartment Therapy

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