Best Household Tool NOT Found in a Toolbox

Best Household Tool NOT Found in a Toolbox

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 17, 2008

Most houses have a go-to essentials tool kit. It contains all those little nails and screws you need for everyday jobs, hammers, wrenches, a screw driver (or 2) and usually a tape measure. It's full of the right tool for the job, but when it comes to receiving the "Best Overall Tool Award," something different takes the cake around this neck of the woods. Find out what it is after the jump...

There seems to be one tool that just keeps being the most useful around our home. It's something that can get almost any job done and takes up very little space (if only it would do laundry for us). The "tool" that's stolen our hearts is... (drum roll please)... a metal skewer. (cymbal crash)

No really! It does everything. It serves as a screwdriver, opens lids, can be heated to poke holes in things, tests cakes, mixes paint, opens mail, stirs drinks, ... you name it, we've probably done it with our handy dandy skewer.

We have had friends and family who have had their own little vices. From mothers who used a brass duck more often than not instead of a hammer, to friends who used a butter knife with a busted tip instead of a screwdriver (which is probably how the tip was broken in the first place) we know we aren't the only ones.

Do you have the one "go-to" item laying around in a drawer somewhere? Or in your space do you strictly use things for what they are intended?

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