Blogging Wired: Antisocial Gadgets that Should be Banned

Blogging Wired: Antisocial Gadgets that Should be Banned

Taryn Williford
Sep 3, 2008

Sometimes technology designed to advance communication can actually work to set communication back a few years (We're looking at you, Bluetooth headset guy that looks like he's talking to himself while he's walking down the sidewalk). Wired has compiled a list of five antisocial "gadgets" that should be banned. The Bluetooth headset made the list. What else do you think made the list (They're not all gadgets, per se.)? What was left off the list in error? Take a look...

We agree with the ruling on Bluetooth headsets and e-books, as the romanticism of holding a book in your hands is something we should never lose.

We're on the fence about custom ringtones and speakerphones. While both can be used in a very annoying way (usually to scare everybody on the morning train awake when "Pour Some Sugar On Me" starts up when your hunny calls), the benefit of custom ringtones is always being able to identify your phone, and even your caller, without checking your pockets. And as for speakerphones, what are we supposed to use for hands-free calling if we ain't got no Bluetooth?

We, however completely disagree with the ban on satellite navigation systems. That has been one of the most useful gadget purchases in awhile. While we realize some people over-use their units, we couldn't imagine that those few people set the technology back for all of us. Besides, most of the people we know rarely use their units except for long trips. Mostly because it's always stored in their glove compartments out of fear of being stolen; providing them a built in do-I-need-it-to-get-where-I'm going sensor.

What do you think about Wired's gadet ban?

(Image from Holy Taco)

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