Blogging Wired: Really? Toss These 5 Gadgets?

Blogging Wired: Really? Toss These 5 Gadgets?

Taryn Williford
Nov 10, 2008

Wired has made a short list of the 5 gadgets you should throw out right now. Surprisingly, little gimmicky gizmos like memory card readers and your 50th flash drive did not make the list. Instead, Wired chose to go after the big, expensive tech—tech that you might have just thrown down a half a paycheck on yesterday— and tell you why you don't need it. Check out the list and give us your two cents after the jump...

We understand where Wired is coming from with some of their advice, but we cant help but think that somebody who really doesn't use what they have would have listed this stuff on craigslist and picked up $20 long ago:

  • Printers: Wired's argument is that online printing sites will take care of your photos at a better quality and lower price than you'll get at home, and anything you need to print for later can be exported to your phone and read on the go.
  • Scanners: Wired thinks your digital camera or cell phone can snap a photo and digitize any document you need.
  • Built-In Optical Drives: Once you get info uploaded from CDs and DVDs, Wired says that you don't need it anymore. You can back up on hard drives and email MP3s. It's hard not to think Wired is in touch with the MacBook Air lobby.
  • Fax Machines: Wired makes the valid point that most faxes come from things you need to print off anyway. Save the beeps and whirrs and just email a PDF. Also, an email is as trackable as a fax, harder to fake, harder to lose and a lot easier to find if you do.
  • Landline Phones: When most people are keeping a landline at home for emergency 911 calls, Wired points out that a cellphone is always with you, even when you're hiding under the bed from burglars or murderers. Your rough location is tracked by the cell tower routing your call, so you'll be directed to a local call center.

We kind of agree with the fax one, but as for the others... if you had a need to buy the machine in the first place, then obviously there's some use for it. Are there other ways to get what you need done? Sure. But we think technology is all about solving problems and making solutions more convenient.

You could throw out your cell phone if you wanted to send everything by post, but obviously the iPhone works a little better than the Pony Express. Wouldn't Romeo and Juliet have ended differently with Blackberrys? I think we already proved that in another post.

But if you do want to take Wired's advice and purge your printer, make sure you take a few extra steps to help us all out and recycle your useless tech? CVheck out our post on where to recycle near you.

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