Blogging... Our Home Decor Style

Blogging... Our Home Decor Style

Beth Zeigler
Nov 11, 2008

111108change-01.jpgWe loved Rebecca's post yesterday on What Makes You Smile In Your Home. We have plenty that makes us smile but we started thinking about how things in our home rarely change. We've been here for almost three years and haven't changed much (except a roommate). We are definitely the type of personality that loves wearing the same type of clothing every day (to clarify; same type, not same clothes). We have also noticed that we aren't alone in that category. Many people in the public eye never stray from a uniform. Take Michael Kors for instance. Same black jacket every single week on Project Runway. While we welcome change in our lives we started to wonder, is it important for our apartment decor to change with our lives?

Our look is definitely an eclectic mix consisting of vintage finds. To make our decor choices even more charming, lighting has always taken on a personality of its own in our space. Whether it be the actual lights that we have had since day one or the moody, soft lighting we love to create.

These two yellow stools are just a few of the many things that we've always had in our apartment. We can't imagine parting with them (not only are they giving off the vintage vibe we love, they're colorful and scored at a thrift store). Plus they're perfect for seating extra guests when we have a big group over for dinner.

We have four of these vintage chairs, all painted robin's egg blue. We can't imagine if we ever moved, not wanting to keep them this fun and chic color.

Since we love our eclectic, vintage style (and can't imagine changing our ways) does that matter? We always have been a creature of habit but if we love our style and decor, is it okay to keep it the same? Does your apartment "wear a uniform" like ours or is it always changing?

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