CHI Good Questions: Ideas for Arranging New Large Space

CHI Good Questions: Ideas for Arranging New Large Space

Janel Laban
Jun 12, 2008

Ellen is making a big move and sent us an email: "So my husband and I (and our 10 month old daughter) are buying our first-ever house! Yay! We're moving from Chicago (where we've had tiny little apartments and no style, just grad-school-budget thrift store finds and leftovers) to the Houston, TX area, to about 1900 square feet. Talk about change! I'm really excited to finally make it a real home for us, and stylish, to boot...but I'm stymied before I even begin!

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The house has an odd layout. As you walk in the entryway, you're immediately confronted with the living area on the left and the "dining" area on the right (note the icky light fixture). In order to get to the kitchen, you have to go through a doorway...and that leads you into the kitchen/den area (hopefully the pictures show what I mean).

My question is...what do I do with all of this space!? It's counter-intuitive to me, in some ways, to use the dining area as such (right when you walk in, and away from the kitchen!?) I've been pondering using the den area, which has the fireplace, as a combination living/dining space (living nook closer to fireplace, and dining at the other end). Or should I keep the dining area? And where do I put things like a TV (old-school tube-type, only used for movies) where it can be unobtrusive?

I'm sure I'll be back later to ask about colors and furniture (I'm so new at this!) but for now...the very space itself is perplexing me! Can anyone suggest what to do with the house space, in terms of making it functional, simple and aesthetically pleasing?

Thanks,'ve got me so full of ideas and enthusiasm already...if I can just get past this hump, I'll be on my way!


Good luck on the move, Ellen, and congrats on the new home. We'll turn this over to the design minds of the AT readership for their suggestions....

Please add your ideas for Ellen to the comments below - Thanks!

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