Clean Home Habits It's OK to Hit Snooze On for a Bit

Clean Home Habits It's OK to Hit Snooze On for a Bit

Taryn Williford
Jan 11, 2016
(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

Yes, it's the season of New Year's resolutions and the (so worth it) January Cure, but you know what? Some of us are still trying to catch up on work and finances and just generally get our life back together after the tornado that we call the holidays. If you need a break, here are the things around the house that really don't need to get done right away, especially if you're catching up on more important matters (and yes, Netflix binging counts).

Making the Bed

If it makes your mornings go just a little bit more smoothly, it's worth skipping the bed-making routine for a bit. And, hey, it can still look pretty chic.

Sweeping & Mopping

When I'm busy, my floors tend to fall by the wayside. Instead, I spot clean. When there's a mess of crumbs or a sticky spill, I tackle it by hand. Otherwise, I ignore the floors and get to something else that needs doing.


If you have enough unmentionables to get you through another week, it's OK to let the hamper pile up a little bit higher than usual. Just don't let it get out of hand, lest you find yourself even deeper in cleaning debt than you already are.

How do you handle cleaning around busy times of year? Any tricks or rules about what must get done and what can stand to go another week?

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