Daylight Savings Prep: One Simple Way to "Spring Forward" Without Losing Sleep or Sanity

Daylight Savings Prep: One Simple Way to "Spring Forward" Without Losing Sleep or Sanity

Taryn Williford
Mar 7, 2018

It's that time of year again: Sunday, March 11 is the official start of daylight savings time, which means you're likely to wake up Sunday morning wondering why you slept in so late, and then spend most of Monday struggling to function. It doesn't have to be that way, though. Here's one simple tip to get adjusted to the time change without sacrificing your sleep or sanity.

Get ahead of the clocks.

The time changes officially at 2 AM Sunday morning (or "Saturday night," for you night owls). But you don't have to wait until the weekend to get acclimated. Sometime this week, pick one clock at home and set it forward an hour, then practice living like it's daylight savings time. Choose a timepiece that won't trip you up too much with appointments, like the clock on the stove or microwave — and not, say, your phone.

In the days before the clocks actually spring forward, you can use that faux-DST clock to practice getting to bed and waking up earlier. If you usually are tucked in at 11 PM, head right to bed when the faux clock reads 11 (so, 10 PM actual time).

If you want to ease the transition in the morning, you might consider moving your wake-up alarm 15 to 30 minutes earlier for the first night or two, and hopefully adjust to wake up a full hour earlier by the end of the week. Then when Saturday night rolls around, set your alarm back to it's "regular" wake time so you're right on schedule once daylight savings kicks in late that night.

You have nothing to lose, really. And you'll be happier Monday morning once you've had a few days to adjust. You might even get to work early to greet all those folks who didn't read our advice!

Do you have any advice to get used to daylight savings time?

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