Dirty Don's Bargain Center

Dirty Don's Bargain Center

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 30, 2008

Sometimes while shopping, you want to visit a store strictly to be wowed and amazed. You want to run your hands over plush fabrics and chat with the store owner about the big name designers that they carry. On the other side of the coin there are stores where all we want is a dirty dirty bargain to be proud of. You are still wowed and amazed mind you, just in a different kind of way. Dirty Don's Bargain Center in Raytown, Mo falls into the later category and is a warehouse of salvaged freight, discontinued retail stock, and just about everything under the sun. Click through the jump to see some of the exciting finds we found while bargain hunting.


There is a ridiculous amount of openstock dishware to be had. Don't plan on buying a matching set for 20 people by any means, but there's more than enough to go around.

There are cake decorating supplies, baking supplies, restaurant specific food (Taco Bell's Fire Sauce packets or Panera's Spiced Chi Mix) all for bottom dollar prices. These sprinkles rang up at $0.25!

We came across these earthenware appetizer plates, as well as, muffin pans and bread pans. Each piece was only $3

There is a large selection of home furniture. They have recently expanded their backroom to make more room to hold it all! You can find desks from Target, outdoor furniture, dining tables from Pier 1... you just have to be willing to move boxes to see what's lying around.

There is a ridiculously large "snack section" containing 1.2 million peeps, candy bars, pretzels, chips and the list goes on and on (did we mention 5lb bags of Sweedish Fish?). It's a great place to stock your college kids up, just pay attention to expiration dates and use some common sense when it comes to deciding what to throw in your cart.

Along the interior of the store there are tables and racks containing discontinued clothes. Things you have seen at your local Targets, Sears and Kmart's within the last year.

There is one whole aisle devoted strictly to beverages. From Airforce drinks and Starbucks doubleshots to these Aquafina flavored waters, there's a million things to try without breaking the bank.

At the far end of the store is the homeowner's delight. There are paint cans and household cleaning supplies, gloves, mops, shingles and so forth. Don't be scared to move things around to see what's hiding further back on the shelves.

Many of the furniture pieces that they carry are not assembled, but these happened to be. The dressers weren't quite our taste, but the sidetables had some possibility, especially for $4 each.

Don't forget to look up on your way down the housewares aisle. There are lamps, lamps, and more lamps. Most of the one's we saw came from Target, and their selection changes almost as often as the weather (which in Missouri is a matter of minutes).

Because why not keep a dozen packages of baking cups on hand when they are only $.25?

There is a section for household chemicals. Usually you will find assorted laundry detergents, Swiffer products, Clorox products, handy wipes and more!

This sign resides in the back of the store. We still can't decide if it was done in true error, or an intent to be funny. Either way it entertains us greatly.

Dirty Don's rotates their stock quickly as they are most definitely a hot spot for local fans of the bargain hunting. So check back once a month to see what's new. If you don't happen to live in the area, pull our your local phone book (Google may or may not be of assistance here) and search for salvaged freight or reclaimed freight stores. There is typically one in most major cities. Happy Hunting!

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