DIY: Multimedia Desk, Chapter 2: Cmoy Headphone Amp (Wrap-up)

DIY: Multimedia Desk, Chapter 2: Cmoy Headphone Amp (Wrap-up)

Jul 11, 2008

Hi again- last time we started building our Cmoy headphone amp in some leftover wood (green!) and this time we are wrapping it up so you can all see how it goes with the table. Well, feast yer eyez on the results! We couldn't be happier with how everything came out.

The inside had a nice cavity in it and most everything fit, but we found that carving out a little extra space would make it all much more serviceable. We commissioned some local mice to gnaw away the unecessary wood to get the layout we needed.

This photo is just a trial fit so the wires are a bit snaggly (to tidy your wires, go here) but here is basically what it looks like with the guts all up in it. You may notice that some of the parts are different than last time... that is what happens when you fry your electronics from incorrect wiring- yay. Everything has been replaced and works how it should.

At this point there needed to be a lid of some sort to keep Vegemite out of the components so we cut a piece of aluminium and drilled out some holes to acommodate things that need to stick out. One hole in the middle for the LED whut shows when the amp is on and two holes with a cutout between them to allow an on/off switch to swing back an' forth.

Here we are after the two holes for the switch have been all filed and smoothed up.

An' here is the LED all afire. That little sweetheart is TURNED ON. Take a look at the top to see the plugs for the headphones anchored with grey epoxy (silly star shapes).

It looks pretty cool upside down too- depends on the mood or if you are afeared that you might leave the amp on if you can't see the light. We hadn't found the mounting screws at press time (frustration...) but they are around somewheres and maybe we will show that the next time we have a table update. There will likely be a smooth coat of wax at that time as well.

Oh- how does it sound? Sublime; turns any crappy mp3 player into something to listen to and if you have a great source; look out! In a word: deep, strong, and enveloping. That was one word;)

Tune in next time to see what we cook up for the DIY Multimedia Table of Peace.

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