DIY: Stealth Swann Security System, Parte 2

DIY: Stealth Swann Security System, Parte 2

Oct 3, 2008

Remember the owl with the SwannDVR4-Pro-Net 4-Channel Security System with 8.4" Monitor stuffed in it? Well, just the camera... That was fun... we also talked a bit about wooden cameras... and this week we are moving on to the back yard. Our back yard is fairly secure since we have a motion detection light that turns on any time anyone walks through the back gate. We have four cameras though, so may as well cover as much as possible...

We wanted to do another stealth mounting for this to keep the neighborhood looking normal and not arouse the suspicions of either neighbors or law enforcement. So what is often mounted to the outside of a house? Lights- that's whut! We went to Lowe's to look at some outdoor lighting that would easily house a camera... and they had jack so we had to get creative...
These are the materials you will need for this project:

  • A recessed light housing
  • A huge heat lamp bulb with clear[ish] glass
  • A can o' primer and clear coat
  • A ball o' twine
  • Rubbin' alcohol
  • Sandpaper- pretty fine stuff
  • A drill or something to mount the camera to the eaves of your house
  • You know... screws, nails, hot glue, a lighter, odds, ends, metal shears...

We first prepped the bulb by cracking it near the threading. If you are going to use the heat-shock method (described here) to cut the bulb, you need to let the pressure out of it first.

After cracking the base we tied a little stringy around the diameter where we wanted to separate the glass.

Then we dipped that twine in alcohol so we could light 'er up. The bottom popped right off, after dipping it in cold water, leaving a razor straight ) It doesn't matter at all whether the edge is straight since distortions in the glass mask imperfections...

If you look carefully, you can see the sanded surface- you see, there was a logo on the bulb and the glass is less than optical in quality- we need to take action with 320, then 400, then 600 grit paper to smooth it on out.
This is what it looks like after painting the sanded area with a clear coat- perfect!

Then we sand the housing to accept the primer:

Then prime- we also clearcoated:

After that, we cut the housing a bit to allow the camera to fit in:

Then hot glued it together:

Then mounted it on a corner of the house that sees the whole back yard and any nogoodnicks that might be skulking around:

Here is the view that the camera sees:
[Image from here]
Stay tuned for the other two cameras in the coming weeks! Then we will hook it all up!

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