Download Free Readymech Pinhole Camera Templates

Download Free Readymech Pinhole Camera Templates

Gregory Han
Jun 5, 2008

We're total converts to digital photography. But we admit there's still something about film photos that the digital medium still can't quite capture (including a higher propensity for out of focus, but still cool, snapshots). Corbis is offering free downloads of 5 paper pinhole camera designs to quench your desire for some old school photography action. Details below...

So how does a pinhole camera work in the first place if there's no bits or pixels involved? The camera works with a very small hole to create a lens for the light to enter and expose the film. Basically what you're downloading is the housing for your film to sit within.

You'll need a printer, quality paper stock printer paper, a thin cereal box for the light-safe interior, an X-acto or razor blade, double-sided tape or glue, a thin needle for making a pinhole, a small piece of aluminum foil or soda can to puncture with the needle, a new roll of film (preferably ISO200), and one film canister from which the film has been removed. Oh, and choose from one of the cool designs here.

Just be sure to keep your pinhole camera construction tight, or light leakage will result in grey or cloudy photos. We're going to make one of this particular design and see how it works over the weekend.

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