Eating Organically on a Tight Budget: Are You Doing It?

Eating Organically on a Tight Budget: Are You Doing It?

Amber Byfield
Nov 4, 2008

11_4_08_grocery.jpgRemember way back when we talked about organic foods being available at Wal-Mart? Well, we heard another story on NPR yesterday about Whole Foods' sales slowing down in this tight economic crunch and how some folks are turning to the organics available elsewhere to keep up their green diets.

And that got us to thinking...when it comes to eating organically and locally, are you doing anything to tighten your belt?

This story from American Public Media points out that Whole Foods is putting the brakes on expansion plans because the numbers are showing a decline in people doling out dollars at the high-end market.

Eating organically is something we consider a necessity when possible these days (we cave once in a while when we're out to eat or just shopping in a hurry). Maybe a year ago, we would've opted for the conventional apples rather than paying a dollar more for the organic ones, but an increased commitment to living green on our part has shut the door on most of those options.

But we'd also consider ourselves frugal, and try to purchase the highest-quality foods at the lowest price. And that's where chain stores come in. More and more grocers are offering organic selections, but some people have aversions to shopping at the aforementioned big-box.

Where do you draw the line? If you're concerned about finances, are you giving up some organic foods in order to keep costs down, shopping at a different store, and doing more price comparisons? Or are you sticking with your green habits and cutting costs elsewhere?

It is possible to consume a local and organic diet on a budget, but there may be some research in your future. Shop around for the best prices at conventional chains, local shops, and food co-ops. You don't have to turn to the largest chain to save a buck, but it might be worth a glance.

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