Favorite Summer Smells: Fresh Cut Grass

Favorite Summer Smells: Fresh Cut Grass

Laure Joliet
Jun 16, 2008

Walking around the other day we were about to curse the sound of the dreaded leaf blower until we realized that what was being blown was a freshly mowed lawn. Since we don't have allergies, we took a big whiff and were transported to another time where summer felt like it was years long, afternoons stretched like taffy into the evening and there were hours and hours to just play.

Growing up in Southern California the smell of freshly cut grass along with the sound of sprinklers popping on is the sound of a childhood spent outdoors, running around. And as an adult it has become our version of stopping to smell the roses. Since we don't have a lawn and a lot of our neighbors don't either, we don't actually get to smell it that often (which means we're being a water conscious neighborhood) but when we do notice the smell, we stop and actually breathe it in and just appreciate the moment.

Since we don't get a summer vacation anymore it can be too easy to just stay busy until we realize that Summer has come and gone. Taking the time to acknowledge these Summer moments help us to relax and to remember the things we like to do in the summer: we'd like to throw a couple of bbq's, make it down to the beach and keep our place open and airy for people to stop by for a bite or a drink. Because summer is here and if we're not careful, we could forget to enjoy it!

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