Finding Art at the Art Fair

Finding Art at the Art Fair

Jun 16, 2008

They're festive. They're crowded. They take up all the parking. So we braved a local art fair in search of any desirable items NOT rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Possible? Judge on.

It was true -- standard collages, mother-in-law gifts and nature photos-a-go-go prevailed. But amidst the throngs there were finds - most of them affordable.

The poster was an auspicious introduction. In fact, designers Who Made Who had a booth chock full of rock-poster-y delights. But we wanted unsung finds, along with the new cool kids.
Proof that pewter can feel as modern as any brushed metal, from $12-33

These glazes evoked beloved throw pillows.. and Swingtown, $58
Sharon Scrattish, 608.280.8050

Organically inspired prefab house for the bird in your life… just $22

The birds did well here The Pottery Dude 763-421-7823
These nearly abstract cloudscapes were calm in the plastic-cup sea, originals in the $1700s
this print felt simple and just a wee bit subversive--maybe it was the lemonade talking
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