6 Tips for Finding Balance

6 Tips for Finding Balance

Abby Stone
Apr 21, 2008

We're always looking for ways to find balance. Since we live alone, we pretty much do everything for ourselves. We are our own husband. And our own wife. Honey, can you pick up some milk on your way home from work? That would be my job. Sweetie, would you make sure my jeans are clean for my meeting tomorrow? Also my job. What are you making for dinner? My job to figure this out. Also my job to bring home the bacon. Some tips and tricks we've learned to keep from going postal...

  1. Do life in increments. There's plenty of stuff we hate to do: dishes and filing being among the top two. We use a trick learned from a very old school source and set a timer for 15 minutes when we have one of these tasks looming in front of us. Not to time ourselves but to tell us to stop. Often we find the dreaded task's been completed.
  2. Make it a habit. We have a few things we do in the morning -- make the bed, straighten the bathroom and the living room, do the breakfast dishes -- that make coming home at night more pleasant and a few things we do at night -- plug in our cell phone, prepare lunch, set out our clothes -- that make the mornings less harried.
  3. Go on a date with yourself. Whether it's dinner out at that new hot restaurant, an hour perusing a new store or a lecture, sometimes it's nice to have a date with ourselves. If we are our own husband and our own wife, think of this as rekindling the romance with yourself. Just because no one else wants to check out that slasher flick doesn't mean you can't go yourself. Get the jumbo popcorn and scream away.
  4. Landing strips. We've blogged on this subject many times but this tool filters the outside world and keeps the clutter (and chaos) from invading our home.
  5. Just say no. Social creature that we are, sometimes we need a night at home to take care of projects or just to take care of our soul. We watch tv (although we try to avoid mindless channel surfing), we take a bath, we cook a nice meal, we open a bottle of wine, we get into bed early and read.
  6. Plan ahead. We try to pencil out the week ahead on Sunday nights. We have a day set aside for each of our regular errands. Not only does this automate these tasks but we find we're less likely to lose things and we also find we spend less money.


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