Ford Designs Car Key for Strict Parents

Ford Designs Car Key for Strict Parents

Sonia Zjawinski
Oct 27, 2008

If you currently drive, we're sure you remember what it was like when you were young and first got your license. Speed limits were for old fogies and the volume knob on the stereo couldn't go high enough. Well, now many of you have kids of your own who may be old enough to drive and this idea of reckless driving probably keeps you up at night. Not to worry. Ford has designed a car key that lets you tighten the leash when you aren't there.

MyKey, which debuts next year as a standard feature on the 2010 Ford Focus, lets parents program speed and audio volume limits. When the MyKey is put into the ignition, the system reads the transponder chip in the key and immediately enables certain default driving modes. More on the modes and other features after the jump...

Ford's Beltminder chimes at regular intervals and the audio system is muted until your kid clicks their seat belt. the speed limit can be limited to 80 mph (still a little high in our opinion), a speed alert chimes at 45, 55 or 65 mph, traction control system, which limits tire spin, cannot be deactivated so your kid can't practice their drifting technique, and stereo volume can be topped off at 44 percent of total volume.

More info on MyKey can be found here.

via Springwise

images: Ford

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