Gift Black List: What We Won't Give This Holiday Season

Gift Black List: What We Won't Give This Holiday Season

Stephanie Kinnear
Nov 11, 2009

We know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but some of you may already be getting a jump on holiday shopping. So sorry to go all Bah! Humbug! on everyone, but we thought this was a very appropriate topic to discuss here at Re-Nest: gifts that we give when we just don't know what else to do.

Like after we've spent 5 hours looking for a parking spot at the nearest mall! These are those last resort gifts. Gifts that you give, because you feel obligated to give a gift ...any gift. But, really, who needs 'em? The worst gift offenders in our book are:

Picture Frames: This is such a ubiquitous "I-didn't-know-what-else-to-get-you" gift, and we've even fallen into its trap before. But we, and most people we know, have enough picture frames. If you've overheard a friend lament their lack of picture frames, then go for it.

Candles: We think this is another pretty common gift. It falls into the picture frame category. Now, if you want to get us a nice subtly scented soy candle, fine. But most people are pretty picky about their scents.

Smelly Soaps: If you made them yourself, maybe. But who is really dying for a new bar of soap? Or soap shaped like a turtle? Or soap that looks and smells like a slice of watermelon? Are we alone on this one?

Silly Coffee Mugs: Many people have so many mismatched coffee mugs that their cupboards won't shut. Don't add to their misery.

Of course, there are exceptions to all these rules, but do you heartily disagree with any of our picks? What other offenders can you think of? Dad was once given a commemorative brick from some historical building in Sacramento. Now sure what category that falls into.

What are some good alternatives to these sorts of gifts? Homemade baked goods, wine, movie tickets ... What else?

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