Good Question: What to Do With a Bum Dell D505 Laptop?

Good Question: What to Do With a Bum Dell D505 Laptop?

Feb 21, 2008

Hey Unplggd, A month ago my Dell Latitude D505 laptop died on me - the screen went black and after many hours of tech support, the verdict came in: replace the motherboard, at a cost of $400 parts, $200 labor. The machine cost $1100 when purchased (3-4 years ago!) so obviously $600 is just not gonna happen. Plus, I already have a new laptop for work!

Ok, so now, what do I do with the Latitude? Should I pull an Office Space and bash it to pieces?

For a moment I humored the idea of fixing it and giving it to my sister, but for $600 she could get a desktop computer, brand new! Do I sell it for parts? Where in NYC would I do that? Am I S.O.L. and it's Recycle or Bust?

I'm really at a loss. What DO people DO in my situation? I could tape a photo over the screen and turn it into a $1100 picture frame. But that seems like a waste. Eh?


PS The Company bought me the new Dell XPS M1730 which is badass!!! FUGLY AS SIN but super fast. I'm very happy with it, except for the power brick, bright shiny lights, and the overstimulation of so many bells, whistles, etc.

Hey Katy,

We've got a couple of ideas, but also want to hear from our readers. First, you could find a repair place and send it in for repair--since you know exactly what you need, they can give you a pretty exact quote on the cost. Ideally, you can find a local place that can trouble shoot exactly which part of the motherboard needs replacing and do just that part. "Mom-and-Pop" type computer stores are probably the way to go in this case. [DO NOT use Laptop Rescuer Co., we like the type of services they offer but their reviews are dismal on-line (yelp, yahoo), message boards and eBay. To find reviews about an unknown company, google their name with the word review.]

Second, you could try to find a motherboard on-line, like on eBay, and try to replace it yourself. This is obviously trickier because you have to find a board with the

A few calls might save you a ton of money and still allow you to give the laptop to your sister for far less. Any other ideas, readers?


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