Great Indoor Plant: Begonias

Great Indoor Plant: Begonias

Laure Joliet
Jun 25, 2008

062508_begonia.jpgComing from a gardening family most of my plants originated with another family member. This begonia was my grandmother's and among the things that I inherited from her. Luckily this kind of Begonia is pretty easy to take care of since the last thing I would want to do is kill it. It also helps that it's gorgeous when it's happy:

062508_begonia3.jpgFirst of all, there are about a million different kinds of begonias. Some that are smaller and are normally seen in giant beds of flowers outside of corporate offices and some like the Rex Begonia that look like a throwback to prehistoric times.

The one I have is a 'cane' Begonia or sometimes called an Angel Wing Begonia. They've got dark green leaves with silver speckles and a red underside to the leaf. When this one blooms it has delicate light pink flowers. I love them as an indoor plant because as long as it gets light from the window it thrives. It's got to be one of the easiest Begonias to grow and you almost can't kill it. I give it some water every couple of days to make sure that the soil doesn't dry out too much, but i definitely don't keep it wet all the time.

The great thing about these Begonias is that you can start a new plant from cutting of a branch and sticking it in soil. So if you know someone with one of these, you can start a whole new plant from it. Does anyone else have one of these? Or something else that's been passed down from a family member or a friend?

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