Green @ Home Project: Turning Off The Lights

Green @ Home Project: Turning Off The Lights

Laure Joliet
Jul 8, 2008
As some of the other editors have mentioned in their Green @ Home Projects, it's the little things that add up and make a big difference. And from experience we've found that doing things Big doesn't have much impact if we fizzle out after 10 days. So our project is based on a deep-seated habit of leaving the lights on:

[image from mondolind]

Yes, we vow to turn the lights off as we leave a room and to make an effort not to have every light in the room on if all we're doing sitting and reading a book, then we'll just use a reading light. The main offendors are the closet light and the bathroom lights. We always think we'll be right back so we leave them on, when really it might be hours before we realize we've even left them ablaze. It might seem too easy or too simple, but building greener habits is the way to make a difference. And once we build this habit then we'll look at some other small ways to make improvements in how wasteful or conscious we are of what we use and how we live.

Along these simple lines, our next project might be to use less glasses (why can't we ever find the glass we were just drinking from?) and therefore less water to wash all those glasses.

Have you started doing something so simple it almost feels silly? Or are you an all or nothing personality?

Want to join us in our journey toward greener living? Participate in this month's Green @ Home project below:

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