Green Moving?

Green Moving?

Jonathan B.
Jun 3, 2008

We've got a move coming up. We took the easy way out and signed a new lease with two weeks of overlap, and the move is just across town, so it's not going to be that bad.

Still, it's moving.

We're wondering how to do it with a minimum of stress and strain... and whether there's such a thing as green moving.

Here's our thought process so far...

We've reviewed AT's tips on moving in Boston (we're in the Bay Area, but many of the suggestions apply, including moving at a less frenzied time.) Inspired by Laure's post over at AT:LA, we're already picking out energetic, happy music; however, we're not hiring movers; there's not enough stuff to justify the expense. We've got our eye on a bunch of moving blankets not unlike the ones we gave away on craigslist about a year ago. We've also looked into renting reusable boxes like those offered by Earth Friendly Moving in Southern California, but we can't find a similar service up north.

So most of our green changes so far are incremental:

  • We'll figure out whether it will generate more carbon to rent a U-Haul (one trip) or make multiple trips in our car.

  • We'll try for used boxes from a liquor store rather than our previous favorite, banker's boxes (cheap, strong, with handles.)

  • We'll stick with the plastic stretch wrap we've used before as it generally allows the use of less bubble wrap and tape, and helps to keep things clean.

But that seems like less than a triumphant success to us. How could we make this move more green?

Any other ideas or tips?

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