Guess the Decade: Master Bath with Books - The Answer, sort of...

Guess the Decade: Master Bath with Books - The Answer, sort of...

Janel Laban
Jun 30, 2008

Ok, you'll have to forgive us. We don't mean to drag this out, but our background check to confirm the exact answer on this one is taking longer than we hoped, as we are waiting for a call back to confirm. BUT we know that we promised an answer today, so here goes with a partial answer to hopefully tide you over...

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...what we can definitely do is narrow it down to either the 90's or now, as it is the work of the Eric Cohler Design firm, located in NYC.

The firm was established in 1991, which rules out the 80's (which would have been our first choice for a guess) and earlier.

We're going to add our vote in with the 82 of you who said the 90's - although we agree with TaniaTingle with the statement that the small table with the sharp edges feels very NOW, which means that the 49 of you who guessed NOW might reign supreme after all. Cohler's firm is still going strong, which means it definitely could be from the current decade, although as many of you noted, it seems rooted in a more late 20th century design aesthetic.

A few great, astute comments from the original post:

I'd guess mid-1990's, based on the presence of the Tolomeo lamps and that nearly useless little table by the cheap, hospitality-trade-looking chair. The really thick black top on that table seems like a 90's kind of embellishment. The magnifying mirror on the edge of the tub is something I've more than once in 1990's issues of Elle Decor. If I felt like digging, I could probably name the designer/manufacturer
- Hoyt Clagwell

I'm going to guess either late 80's or early 90's. Probably early 90's: The colorblock art, the orchid, the geometric as opposed to floral upholstery and oodles of earth tones with earth-toned accents. - Seattlegirl
If you look in the mirror you can see a ficus tree in the adjoining room, which, I feel, places it at around 1990. Also, the bath tray and plumbing fixtures are polished brass. However, I could swear I just saw that little table at the Crate and Barrel outlet. Rather amused to read of everyone's concern for the books. They are undoubtedly "stunt" books, purchased for the look, and never meant to be read. - Obleak1
I'm saying NOW because that particular shade of beige tile is ubiquitous right now. You just cannot escape it. - Curtis

and finally, a funny wrap up from Maggieann:

I'm going with '80s, based on the chair, the picture lighting & general feel..oh, and that fossil. Plus, the whole things feels like it is wearing huge shoulder pads.

Sincere apologies for not having a 100% firm answer by today and thanks for your patience while we track down confirmation. We really like to get a firm response before declaring the final answer and the return call just hasn't come in at the time of posting - we'll do a quick update as soon as we get confirmation. Until then...thanks for playing along!

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