Help! Aggressive Upstairs Neighbor Who Is Complaining About Me

Help! Aggressive Upstairs Neighbor Who Is Complaining About Me

Tess Wilson
Mar 10, 2016

Q: I am having problems with my neighbour who lives above me. I suffer from BPD, panic/anxiety attacks, and paranoia so the problems are making it worse. I do like listening to music but I turn it down at a certain time and I don't play it a lot. These days I don't even play it at all because he bangs when I do and even when I watch TV he bangs. No matter how low the volume is on my TV and no matter what time of day he will bang extremely loud. I feel I cannot approach him as he has threatened to "shut me up" and have me evicted or sectioned...

He slams his doors etc and sometimes they are so loud the bangs I jump startled and feel like I'm having a heart attack. I've also been woken up by it. The noises are so loud it also sounds like he's moving furniture up there and an earthquake is happening that's how bad it is. He also sings really loud early in the morning and very often has had his TV volume up at times like 2am. He has complained about me multiple times trying to say I'm noisy and we had mediation once. I explained the doors were faulty and I had them fixed. I am trying to move but I have had no luck finding any place and I am at my wits' end. Could somebody please help me as I no longer know what to do, thanks. -Sent by Athena

Editor: Oh my goodness, Athena, I'm so sorry to hear you are dealing with all of this. It sounds stressful, exhausting and, frankly, scary. I know our readers will have lots of thoughtful suggestions, but I'm going to jump right in and recommend noise-canceling headphones. You won't be able to hear him, and he definitely won't be able to hear your TV and music. Readers, what do you think Athena should do? Mediation doesn't seemed to have helped, and it seems to me as if the neighbor has leveled a threat. Keep in mind that the spelling of "neighbours" might indicate that Athena lives somewhere other than the U.S., so the laws/resources might be a bit different.

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