Home Depot Clears Up the Air: Freshaire Choice, the Zero-VOC Paint

Home Depot Clears Up the Air: Freshaire Choice, the Zero-VOC Paint

Gregory Han
Mar 24, 2008

Home Depot continues to roll out more eco-friendly choices, and this time it's in their paint aisles. Talk about VOC's have become big news in the last few years (probably because of all the studies pointing out that our interior spaces contain more pollutants than outside), and Home Depot has responded with an admittedly impressive VOC paint, Freshaire Choice....

As reported by MetaEfficient: The Freshaire tinting system uses pre-measured packets of dry tint that color the paint without adding any VOCs to the paint. This zero VOC system is an industry first. No other tint system for paint can make this claim. Another innovation is that the tint comes in a packet that dissolves into the paint completely. By using pre measured, standardized packets, Freshaire ensures consistent colors no matter when you buy more paint.

This new line is so green-friendly, even the can was designed and manufactured with recycling in mind. The paint cans are manufactured with 100% recycled materials and is ready to be added into your recycling bin when all it's all finished being used.

Currently, there are only 65 paint colours to choose from, and the $35-$38 per gallon price tag may scare off some customers who are used to the discount Behr brand specials seemingly strewn across every aisle of Home Depot. But considering the lowered impact on the environment, whether it be your home or the earth itself, we're thinking it's a fair price to pay.

The Freshaire Choice Paint is a Home Depot exclusive and will be available nationwide from April 1st, available in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes, as well as drywall interior primer and ceiling paint. Hopefully those 65 colour options are to our liking, because we have a stairway dying for a new coat of paint.

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