Nature Mill Indoor Composter

Nature Mill Indoor Composter

Janel Laban
Jul 1, 2008

What do you think of an indoor composter? We're taking a second look at these personally, as a convenient (and now less expensive) solution for city dwellers (like us) who want to start composting...

The Nature Mill ($299) accepts paper and food waste, including dairy, meat and fish, and has a carbon filter, making the process odor free. It is a self contained "hot" composter, meaning the waste material is processed through air flow, heat and moisture. The processs is automatic - a cure tray collects the highly concentrated compost, which can be transferred to your garden (or your neighbors or local community garden) approximately every two weeks.

According to the site, here are some reasons it is good for the environment:
A NatureMill automatic composter recycles its weight in waste every 10 days, diverting over two tons of waste from landfills over its life. This reduces emissions of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas produced when organic matter decomposes in oxygen-starved landfills. Compost returns nutrients to the environment, reducing our need for chemical fertilizers. NatureMill uses 5 kwh / month of energy - or about $0.50/month - less than a garbage truck would burn in diesel fuel to haul the same waste. It is made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Our only outside space is the parkway between our section of sidewalk and the street, which is great for a little gardening, but not somewhere we could put a composter. We were feeling like composting was not something we would be able to try, but this gives us hope. Has anyone seen or tried a Nature Mill or something similar? We love to hear some feedback - please let us know in the comments...

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