How To: Arrange Your Home for Maximum Efficiency

How To: Arrange Your Home for Maximum Efficiency

Abby Stone
Sep 10, 2008

atla-091008-efficiency.jpgThe other day, on our way out for a hike, we pulled our sports glasses out of a box in our landing strip's cabinet. Our friend laughed at us, "Of course, you keep your sunglasses near the front door." We nodded. With limited space to store stuff and even more limited time to run back and forth from room to room looking for it, we've put things in the place where they're most frequently used...

So sunglasses go in a box near the front door because we use them when we go out (in a colder climate, gloves and scarves and lipbalm would have a place here). Pens go on our desk and also near our land line phone because that's where they're most often used. We've blogged how our medicine chest is arranged in order of how we use its contents and we learned from our parents to arrange the refrigerator so that everything has a place and it's easier to tell at a glance what we're running low on. Rather than putting things where they should go, we think about where we use them. Not only are we less likely to lose things (keys have their place, so do our various gadgets) but when there's an emergency or an alarm gets slept through or when we're sick and our brains are addled, we don't even have to think about where anything is. Everything has its place. And, as a bonus, our home stays neater too. Do you have an odd place to put things that actually makes a lot of sense?

[Image: Living, etc.]

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