How To: Camouflage Your Wii Sensor Bar

How To: Camouflage Your Wii Sensor Bar

Taryn Williford
Nov 3, 2008

Honestly we didn't think that the Wii sensor bar, the thin bar that you probably put on top of your TV to read your Wii-motes' signals, was ever a mess to hide. Nintendo did a pretty good job of making sure that it was something that even the most minimalist aesthetite would be able to leave out when he's not playing Wii (The Rock Band controllers, however, need some work). But a friend with a white TV, who loves the Wii console for it's own shiny white exterior, hates the black sensor bar for intruding on his virginal entertainment center. We're going to point him towards this hack for making a Wii sensor bar out of an old remote. They use a remote because it has all of the inner workings to become a sensor, like battery power and IR LED lights, but you could take their 'How To' and modify it...

The instructions and photos are a little hard to follow for those of us who aren't electrician-savvy, but it might be worth ruining a few remotes to try and get this right.

Open the old remote and drill a few holes into the side for the IR LEDs. If the remote comes with two LEDs, you are in luck. If not, you may have to buy a few new IR LEDs. Disconnect the existing battery connection to the remote control circuit and connect it to the mounted LEDs. You should select a current limiting resistor that will prevent the LEDs from being over driven and having a short life. (To select the resistor value use an online LED resistor calculator.)

[ Via instructions">Hacked Gadgets ][ First image from FrenchHope @ Flickr ]

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