How to: Clean Cheaply

How to: Clean Cheaply

Jenny Butler
Sep 29, 2008

We have a confession– we're still using store bought cleaning products. We've heard all the praises for vinegar and bi-carb soda but until today we hadn't realised just how much money we're sending down the drain with our nicely packaged, environmentally friendly but expensive store bought cleaning products. With just these 6 alternatives below we'll end up saving around $15 a month. That's $180 a year that can be spent on something that wont be washed down the drain.

Unblocking a Drain: Commercial product 500ml= $10.49 vs One tablespoon of bi-carb in the drain followed by half a cup of vinegar. Equivalent 500ml= $0.35c

Air freshener/room deodoriser:Commercial air freshener/deodoriser 500g= $6.37 vs Small container of bi-carb left with lid off to absorb smells 500g= $1.78

Cleaning windows:Commercial window cleaner 500ml= $3.46 vs Equal parts vinegar and water 500ml= $0.27c

Disinfectant:Commercial disinfectant 1 litre= $5.39 vs Vinegar 1 litre= $0.54c

All purpose spray and wipe:Commercial spray and wipe 750ml= $3.65 vs Half a cup of vinegar in a spray bottle, fill up with cold water, then add about one teaspoon of ammonia 750ml= $0.20c

Mould/mildew removal:Commercial mould remover 500ml= $5.86 vs Two teaspoons of tea tree oil with two cups of water in a spray bottle. Spray on mould and don't rinse 500ml= $0.58c

Price comparison: Commercial Cleaners= $35.22 vs Homemade Cleaners= $3.72

Yikes! With a saving of $31.50 just from those few cleaning alternatives, imagine what a whole houseful will save you. Environmentally friendly, cheap and so easy we're ashamed that we hadn't converted earlier. Using rags from old t-shirts, singlets and socks will cut down on those nasty sponges and handy paper towels. Thanks to Simple Savings for pointing this out.

Do you have any other cheap cleaning tips to add to the collection?

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