How To: Deal With A Swarm of Bees

How To: Deal With A Swarm of Bees

Jenny Butler
Oct 3, 2008

When we were in our yard the other day- this is what we saw. A meter high mass of bees might have made us feel nervous if we didn't know what they were doing. But you have to keep an eye on our flying friends…

Bees swarm in Spring when the hive splits. The Queen and half the swarm leave to find a new hive while the other half of the swarm remain in the hive as a new Queen develops. To find a new home, the bees swarm in one location like we saw above and send out a group of bees who look for a suitable new hive. Once they find a new place to call home the swarm then relocates there.

What you need to keep an eye on is that they don't find a new hive in your home. If they do move in, you'll be able to hear a buzzing during the day coming from either the roof or in the eaves. That may not bother you, but when they make 80kg of honey [as they do in a season] your roof might give way.

If you do have a bee problem, a bee keeper will be able to relocate them for you and introduce them to an existing hive.

Have you ever had an issue with bees? Did you have to take any action?

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