Yours + Mine = Ours: Combining Bedding Styles Without Compromise

Yours + Mine = Ours: Combining Bedding Styles Without Compromise

Mar 10, 2016
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For better or worse, marrying someone also means marrying their style. To see how this commonly plays out, just go shopping with a couple registering for their first bedroom together. (She has a throw pillow addiction, he wants to cut her off at two.) On the other hand, the bedroom-design-dilemma presents the perfect opportunity to put aside your differences and build a shared style. With a little planning, you can co-create a beautiful bedroom that's a space to share your hopes, hash out your problems and dream up your future.

Inspired by the idea that your shared bedroom should be a love story, the Apartment Therapy team made this video, showing how combining styles doesn't have to be a compromise. Watch now, and check out our tips below for building the perfect shared bedroom.

1. Invest in a good mattress.

We spend a third of our lives in bed, so your mattress really is the foundation of your marriage. Don't skimp here; invest in the best quality you can afford. Consider how you each sleep. If she's a side sleeper and he's a back sleeper, a memory foam option that conforms to each person's body might make the most sense. Think about size as well. While you might be spooning in the early stages of marriage, at some point you'll want a little space. A full mattress might be too small, so consider a queen or even a king if you like to stretch out and have the square footage for it.

2. Buy at least two sets of quality sheets.

Avoid fighting about who does the laundry. A minimum of two sheet sets gives you the ability to rotate when one's in the wash. Thread count (the number of threads in the warp/weft per square inch of a fabric) isn't the only factor to consider, but in general, higher thread counts indicate higher levels of material quality and cost. (Pottery Barn's thread counts range from 280 to 700.) When choosing your style, go for white if you love a clean, classic look. For something more playful with less upkeep, pick a print or color.

3. Choose your covers wisely.

Most couples have different comfort levels when it comes to temperature. (Scientific studies have validated the reality of late-night cover struggles.) Layers let each person find their comfort zone. For someone on the warm side, combine a lightweight comforter and blanket, then layer on a quilt or throw for their chilly partner. Also take maintenance into account...some duvets and comforters require dry cleaning, so stick to machine-washable fabrics if you want something that's simple to throw in the laundry.

4. End the pillow fights.

For those of you out there arguing over how many throw pillows to buy, Pottery Barn's created a helpful guide. (And if you're still not sure how many throw pillows to buy, compromise by getting a couple sets of coordinating shams and then rotating or mixing them together.)

For a king:

  • 3 Euro Pillows
  • 2 King Pillows
  • 2 Standard Pillows
  • 2+ Accent Pillows

For a full/queen:

  • 2 Euro Pillows
  • 2 Standard Pillows
  • 2+ Accent Pillows

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