How To: Refill a "Disposable" Brita Filter

How To: Refill a "Disposable" Brita Filter

Gregory Han
Mar 28, 2008

Darn if we know how much we spend each year on those water pitcher filters, but it's still got to be a lot less than spending the money on enviro-unfriendly bottled water [opening a door for controversy]. Now someone has found a way to hack water pitcher filters for a lot less than those $6-$10 replacements....

An Instructables user by the name of "IAMSatisfied" has posted an informative how-to step-by-step process showing how to replace the contents of a Brita pitcher's filter with less than a dollar worth of new filtering material (we did note that a commenter recommends using activated silver impregnated charcoal to prevent mold growth).

Unfortunately we use a different brand whose filter top doesn't look as drill friendly as the flat top Brita model (we wonder if Brita will catch on soon and redesign their filters to prevent this money saving hack). But we think this would be a great money and environment saving hack for those of you who can find a source for the "chlorgon" material and have the list of tools on hand.

Seems like you can get away with just using activated charcoal if you keep your water in the fridge, but only for a couple of weeks at a time before you start risking drinking the equivalent of pond water. I guess for now, we'll stick with our regular filters and save up for some reverse osmosis action.

[via Instructables: How to refill a "disposable" Brita brand water pitcher filter with activated carbon

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