How To: Use Symmetry Effectively

How To: Use Symmetry Effectively

Beth Zeigler
Oct 20, 2008

102008domino-10.jpgOur name was lucky enough to land on the guest list this year at the 3rd Annual Domino Bazaar where Domino's new book was the highlight of the evening. The entire space was set up like a huge house which included everything from a formal dining room to an outdoor area. Once we started to navigate the huge loft we snapped shots of things we loved (which was pretty much everything). When we started looking through our photo roll, we noticed a repeated decorating technique that made each space look amazing...

The technique that allowed each space to work seamlessly was the applied use of symmetry. The art and objects in each space were positioned for a perfectly balanced look. Even with some of the frames suffering from a bit of lopsidedness--we still loved the symmetry executed with each scene. The balance used in this formal dining room makes the room seem even more formal and grandiose.

This wall of art uses four levels of frames balanced harmoniously with two silver lamps. The placement of the frames up high mixed with the symmetry of the space gives the room more stature.

Here we have symmetry in the bookcases across the room from the art. This lengthens the space and makes it feel roomier.

And then there's the uncomplicated symmetry of two simple lamps. Looking at this picture, the lamps create a balance that feels safe and warm without looking too contrived.

Two chairs placed on opposite sides of this patio table make the area seem warm and inviting.

We absolutely loved seeing symmetry used in the placement of these succulents. While each plant itself is not perfectly symmetrical, the use of two smaller succulent arrangements flanking a larger one is quite harmonious. We also think creating symmetry using objects in your home is the perfect way to rearrange your furniture and give your space a new look without having to go shopping for new items.

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