Tips For Hiders and Seekers: When You Can't Remember What You've Stored

Tips For Hiders and Seekers: When You Can't Remember What You've Stored

Beth Zeigler
Nov 4, 2008

110408organ-01.jpgWe loved SarahC's post yesterday on Organizing: Are You A Hider Or A Seeker? AT readers were definitely divided evenly with their preferences but one thing seemed to ring true for both parties. Seekers that would like to be hiders or those that are already hiders have trouble once they've stored their belongings--they can't remember what they've stored. We have a few tips on successful ways to become a hider after the jump...

We love storing things out of sight but from previous experience we agree with the mentality that if it's out of sight, it's out of mind. But we love having a clutter free space--so how do we cope?

For starters, it's super important that you assess what you use on a daily basis. Take your desk, for example. Go through each item and ask yourself, do I need this? Do I use this item daily? Does the item serve my goals for the space? The items you use all the time need a place up front and center (even if they are contained with a label). Items that you don't use regularly or that don't serve the vision you have for the space, should be stored elsewhere.
For the items you have to store elsewhere, it's important that you remember what you've stored. Otherwise you're likely to look in a multitude of places, or worse, re-buy that item (with both results leaving you frustrated).

  • You'll want to use clear storage containers to hold belongings behind closed doors and label them. Labeling is important because you're designating a spot for those items to land. Even if you can see every item in the clear container, the label will help items go back in that box once you're done using them.
  • We personally love making a list of the items we have stored under our bed and in our closet and keeping the list on our computer. It saves us from having to strain our necks when searching for something. We can quickly just look at the list and know exactly where an item is.
  • Another way to circumvent forgetting where you stored stuff is to have less stuff in general. Because your inventory of things is less, you'll have a better grasp of what is stored where.
  • Another way to keep track of it all is to store items close to where you're using them. If your desk is in your room, office supplies might take up a dresser drawer of their own. If you do crafting in the living room, perhaps a storage bench would work well for the space to store supplies.

    How do you remember what and where you've stored items?

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