Indoor Gardening: How To Grow More Than Herbs

Indoor Gardening: How To Grow More Than Herbs

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 30, 2008

We have been looking into indoor gardening for once the frost sets in. We'd love to keep growing our own herbs, plus salad staples. Find out more about these indoor plant stands after the jump...

Our goal is to make a self contained (and movable) garden full of kitchen staples. Usually when you think about gardening through the winter it's more along the lines of a nice pot or two in your kitchen window, but not an entire trolley. In our new loft space we actually have the room and the light to make indoor gardening feasible, we just can't decide on the particulars. Check out a few of our options below:

1- Compact Lite Cart - This cart weighs in on the heavy end of the scale at $583. It is however lit, square and shiny. Are we sure it's worth the price? Not for what we're doing, no. But that doesn't mean it wouldn't be great in someone else's space!

2- Value Line Stand SL44F2 - At $203 this cart is compact, yet tall, full of light and is nice and shiny (we like sparkly things). It's a step up from the smaller units and might be the winner in our space.

3- Economy EG2 - This is the cheapest kid on the block ($28) but has no bells or whistles. Normally this would be the type of thing we would try to DIY, although for this price, it can't be beat.

4- Economy Stand ES4: Alluring with it's ability to be a bit shorter than the options without being low on space. We like the ability to grow things without them being towers in our spaces, but the downfall is that it's unlit.

5- Compact Lite Cart G24A - Coming in at $218 this cart seems to be the most aesthetically pleasing. It has cute little wooden boxes and feels like a little more than trays on a big metal thing.

Which option would you choose? Big? Tall? Small? Let us know below!

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