I've Got a Situation: Complaining Daysleeping Neighbor Plus a Whiny-When-We're-Out Dog

I've Got a Situation: Complaining Daysleeping Neighbor Plus a Whiny-When-We're-Out Dog

Tess Wilson
Feb 3, 2016

Q: We live on the first floor of a duplex, and unfortunately our previous neighbors relocated. Anyway, my wife and I have a 5-year-old, a 1-year-old, a cat, and a dog. I'm well aware it's not the most quiet living arrangement. We try to keep the noise to an acceptable level, and for the most part I think we do OK.

Our previous neighbors never complained, and I have a good relationship with them, and they said although it was noisy at times it never disturbed them. Our kids are in bed by 8, and aren't up until around 7. The problem is our new neighbors haven't lived here a week and have already complained to the landlord about the noise—especially the dog. The man works nights, so he sleeps during the day which is when my wife does her running around while the oldest is at school. Our dog has had separation anxiety since we got him, and the vet is working with him trying different things to help, but he does whine when we're not home and it is disturbing the guy's sleep.

Everyone I ask says, "If quiet is what he needs, he shouldn't have moved into a duplex," which is fine and good, but they don't have to live here and deal with the anxiety and worry I have on a daily basis. The landlord overall agrees with that feeling, but he also doesn't want to lose a tenant. I also still want to try to be the best neighbor I can be, while not walking on eggshells. Any tips on dealing with this would be appreciated. Thanks. -Sent by Matt

Editor: It sounds like you are a very considerate, respectful tenant, and I wish I'd had more neighbors like you. That being said, how can we help Matt and company be even better neighbors? Any daysleepers with recommendations to share? Any sound-dampening techniques that are especially effective at blocking whining? Thanks!

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