June Roundup: Lots of Happy Birthdays

June Roundup: Lots of Happy Birthdays

Janel Laban
Jun 27, 2008

Thanks to our special Birthday Shout-Out giveaway this summer, we have plenty of June Birthdays to share with you all. An extra big Happy Birthday and best wishes for a wonderful year to all of the boys and girls! Jump below to see their full photos and to read a little bit about each of their unique and special personalities. All together now....Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you...

...Happy Birthday....

...to Elena who turned 3 on June 16. Yvette says that Elena Sofia just turned 3 and celebrated with a birthday party in her backyard with her friends and homemade cupcakes. She's proud to be a "big girl" now.

...to Caleb who had the big third birthday on June 20th. Grace tells us that Caleb has become an independent little boy who loves to read, play with letters, play with his friends, and take care of his little sister. Happy Birthday, Caleb! We love watching you learn and grow!

...to Ella, who turned 3 on June 22. Robin tells us that Ella enjoys creating artwork with paint, sidewalk chalk and markers. She's been known to even use her three pugs as a canvas! Ella is looking forward to celebrating her third birthday with a Finding Nemo Cake...homemade by Mommy. (oh, dear!)

...to Samuel, shown here enjoying the beach and looking very handsome. He turned 2 on June 21st.

...to Max who turned 1 on June 16th. Max is a music fan, according to Catherine, who says he's a smiley happy boy who loves wheels and any music by Gnarls Barkley.

...to Maisie who turned 1 on the 16th. Julie says that the part of Casey Jones is being portrayed by Maisie (aka "The Maze" or "Maisie-Margaret") at her train-themed first birthday party this past weekend. After celebrating, Maisie dozed off while listening to folk music on her iPod, then awoke and took her first steps. A big day, indeed!

...to Henry who turned 1 on June 20th. Renee says, Our little feisty and cheerful puppy, "Henro," as his older brother calls him, is turning one. From his mop of hair to his chubby ankles, we love every inch of him. He is a gift to our family and we will celebrate his first year of life with a backyard carnival.

...to Penelope Isla who celebrated her first birthday on the 23rd. Francine tells us that Penelope Isla is a sweet and sensitive little girl who has made this the most amazing year ever for her mommy and daddy. Penelope is a very social baby, she loves interacting with everyone and watching the world go by from her stroller or sling. Mommy and Penelope have kept busy and made many friends this year by taking part in mommy & baby yoga, salsa babies dance classes, swim lessons and several different moms groups. Penelope began walking about three weeks ago, her is very proud of herself, especially since she never crawled. She was the last of her friends to become mobile, but she is the first of them to walk! Penelope loves her mommy and daddy (especially their cuddles & kisses), cheerios, anything everyone else is eating or doing, playing patty-cake & peek-a-boo, and waving bye-bye, and being sung and danced to sleep.
|We will be having a friends party at a local park on the Saturday, and a family party at grandma and grandpa's on the Sunday before her birthday.

...to Josette, who turned 1 on June 23. Ruth sends us this birthday report: Josette, nicknamed 'Josie Bear', is noisy and mischievous, but truly one of the most adorable little munchkins ever (next to her big sister Mikayla). She's exploring her little world daily... Trying new food, learning to walk, and waving goodbye to complete strangers are some of her favorite pastimes. Best of all, she is a terrific cuddler, and lights up the room when she smiles with that toothy smile.

...to Riley who turned 1 on June 21. Kate says that Riley is a little ray of sunshine in his mom and dad's lives. His current favorites hobbies include eating as many cheese sticks as possible in one day, chasing his bouncing ball around the house, and pulling stuff out of any drawer he can get his hands in. He's an energetic and all around happy little guy!

...to Aidan and Billy who shared their first birthday on June 15th. Nora told us, I can't believe how quickly the boys are growing. after a year of dragging them to the cabin and sitting them in the red chair, Aidan and Billy are still full of smiles and surprises. We'll soon have to buy each one an adirondack chair. They are celebrating their birthday with Fathers Day this year. A very special day for all!

...to Ellie who had lots to celebrate on her sixth birthday on June 12. Grace told us that when Ellie-Bellie turned 6 years old, it was a special day, because she grew out of her dairy allergies!!!! |This will be the first time she will eat a REAL cupcake! Mommy & Daddy are so excited that she grew out of her dairy allergies! Today is also the day where she will have her big birthday party :making jewelry and folding origami with all her friends.|We are so proud of our little Bellie Bear! You are such a special and beautiful girl to us! |Love, Mom, Dad, Sam & Micah"

And, last but not least, Happy Birthday to Paul, who turned 12 on June 22. According to Diane, he is very smart, the oldest of three and loves to read, play games, fishing, camping and legos.

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