Let a Media Fast Help You Plant a Garden

Let a Media Fast Help You Plant a Garden

Laure Joliet
Jun 4, 2008

Back during the cure we talked about how to media fast as a way of cultivating more stillness and clarity in everyday life (not to mention actually noticing where you live instead of being glued to the tv or internet every evening). Well, Pink of Perfection, assigned a fast to their readers for the month of May. We were most impressed with Sarah who gave up magazine reading for a week and got so much done it boggles the mind. One of those things was planting her garden:

Here's what Sarah got done in one week (in no particular order). It's worth noting that Sarah only gave up magazines, not TV or Internet and still got all this done:

1. Planted all my flowers, herbs, peppers.
2. Started seeds for okra, cucumbers, mesclun, and cilantro.
3. Made a for real dinner every night.
4. Read 3 books, each over 400 pages a piece.
5. Got dishes done every day, laundry caught up, closets cleaned out.
6. Steamed the carpet.
7. Painted my own and my daughters toes.
8. Gave manicures to myself and to friends
9. Took the dog for more walks
10. Slept more.
11. Caught up on Netflix.
12. Watched dvr'ed episodes of stuuuuufffff
13. Had conversations with people about stuff other than magazines
14. Grocery shopped nearly every day for some bizarre reason.

We'd be happy to get one of these things done in a week, let alone all fourteen. So since it's Garden Month, we challenge you to put down the TV, or the Magazine, or the Internet or the Phone and get some gardening going. If you're totally not into gardening, choose something else, but pick a goal and follow it through.

Read more about Sarah's experience on her blog and read about the other Pink of Perfection media fasters for some more inspiration.

[image from trip advisor]

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