The LEGO Home Office

The LEGO Home Office

Range Govindan
Oct 7, 2008

LEGO bricks have always been one of our favorites toys growing up. They are still very popular and still come up with innovative products. However, we were wondering if it would be possible to assemble items to make a home office complete made out of LEGO bricks. The answer is yes.

LEGO plant park planter
To start out with, it's important to put something green in your office. That way, the daily grind of it all doesn't get to you too much. To accomplish this, Bob came up with a LEGO planter. It really looks good. He initially built it to emulate an expensive vase that he saw. Here are some more LEGO planters that he created.

The LEGO Desk
The core item of any home office is a desk. You might not think that there are any LEGO desks out there, but there are. This is the LEGO Desk and it's made out of 35,000 LEGO bricks. The desk weighs about 120 pounds. It has 7 working drawers. It has a stubby surface and was created by Eric Harshbarger as a commissioned work for some Seattle executive. It even has cable holes for your computer.

Mario Minale's LEGO Chair
Next on the menu is a chair. Designer Mario Minale came up with a limited edition LEGO Chair that is no longer available. Still, the chair is made out of LEGO bricks and based upon an original chair by Gerrit Rietveld. An aluminum frame makes it possible to actually sit on the chair.

LEGO Computer
Finally, every office worker needs his computer. This Mac Pro is completely made out of LEGO bricks. It houses a PC and a Mac Mini inside of it, making it a powerhouse for any office worker.

Brick Bright LEGO Lamp by OutofStock Studio
Looking like a a 3-dimensional version of an 8-bit video game illustration, these two lamps from OutofStock Studio have a geeky, classical elegance thanks to the monochromatic finish.

CEO desk by Staffan Holm & Johannes Tjernberg
Staffan Holm's Rococo-style desk is the fanciest and most stylish of the bunch, emulating the fanciful curves of a bygone era with beautiful results, complete with a pull-out drawer. For hardcore LEGO maniacs only.

LEGO Stapler
Made out of just 60 pieces, this LEGO creation is just for decorative purposes. Make one in red and you'll likely have to keep your eyes wide open for envious Lumberghs out there.

LEGO Phone
Issued by Tyco and marketed under the name "Big Blocks" phone, this desk phone actually works and sports features like mute, redial, and ringer volume.

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