Looking For Decor Inspiration? It's Everywhere

Looking For Decor Inspiration? It's Everywhere

Abby Stone
Oct 7, 2008

100708-inspiration01.jpgWe love the feature in Domino whereby an outfit is translated into a room. Putting together a style tray (something that our Curees will be doing as they start to work on their homes), we look for inspiration all around us. Yes, hotels, other people's homes, restaurants, are always inspiring, but don't stop there...

The colours of a favorite sweater, an arrangement of flowers, the way food is placed on our dinner plate. In fact, anything we take in through our senses can be the jumping off point for a room's design. The colours of a favorite line of Martha Stewart paints were inspired by the shells of Aracuna chicken eggs. Here are some ideas to get your senses working:

  • Magazines are always a great resource, both home design and fashion magazines. Often a trend will show up in fashion before it makes its way into the home. Ditto catalogues.
  • Art and photography. What do you like about a particular painting or photograph? Dislike? Look at it abstractly. See how the colors work together, how shapes repeat. Don't forget posters and advertisements.
  • People on the street: One of our favorite blogs, the Satorialist, showcases the clothing combinations that people are wearing. It's a good lesson in proportion, color and texture.
  • Let your imagination run wild. Often, when we look at a room, we imagine a whole story about it, like a small movie. Who lives here? What are they like? What do they read? Make up a story about your room

  • Smells are as evocative as visuals. Think about what you want your room to smell like. Doesn't a room that smells like pumpkin pie evoke a different room than one that smells of salty sea air?

[image: Domino]

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